Senior Nursery

Every child’s development is unique and complex. A child’s development is also greatly influenced by factors in his or her environment and the experiences he or she has gone through.

In the Senior Nursery level, children are given opportunities to learn in a holistic approach. Teachers ensure that the curriculum for this level is child-friendly and student-centered. It means bringing out the best in each child and the only role of the teacher is to guide or facilitate the given activity.

Cognitive skills are honed not only through the use of paper and pencils. A variety of activities are given to them to stretch these skills. Games are introduced to encourage them to interact with others. Challenging them to think, as they answer the how and why questions asked of them.

Going to the playground, gymnastics, and other physical activities like running, going up and down the stairs, driving a car walker or bicycle, and climbing, crawling, skipping around the playground help the child put variety of muscles to work, strengthening, and flexing his gross and improve their physical skills. Fine motor skills are developed and enhanced through the use of the Montessori activities like scooping, pouring, buttoning, zipping and lacing.

Self-help skills are also introduced and reinforced through a wide variety of hands-on developmentally appropriate activities. Some common self-help skills for young children include washing hands, going to the bathroom (with teacher’s supervision), drinking from a jug or bottle, zipping a zipper, tucking in their shirt, buttoning, returning books and toys after using them, and putting on his shoes.

The socio-emotional growth of each child develops in a supportive environment. The child learns to trust his teachers and make friends. At the same time, he is also learning the rules, routines, and expectations of the classroom. This includes sitting in a circle, raising his hands to speak, sharing toys, or waiting for his turn.

The challenges they went through, the difficult tasks they were able accomplish had been a rewarding experience for the child. A tiny seed that sprouted into a little bud had blossomed into a beautiful flower!