St. Stephen’s High School’s Kinder curriculum gives its full commitment in both English and Chinese to cater the needs of children ranging from 5 to 6 years of age and develop their multiple intelligences in the process. The curriculum is carefully planned so that it will bring out the full development of the learners’ potentials in the different learning areas, making them perform excellently and consequently become globally competitive.

In Kinder, the pupils have to master reading CVC/ CVCC word and sight words. They begin to read words with long sounds, and consonant blends and they later develop comprehension skills as they read longer phrases, sentences and stories. Along with the development of their reading skills, we have a “Speak in English/Chinese” drive that develops the speaking facility of the children which is their passport to global competence. Lessons in Math and Language which are combined with minor subjects such as Writing, Music, Rhymes, Arts and PE, serve as a strong foundation that they can use when they move up to the grade school. All these academic endeavors are wrapped-up with biblical truths for the development of values which are taught in Christian Education.

The activities are not only confined in making the children academically fit but are also in exposing them to other fields such as swimming, dancing, singing, and even basic computer operation. The children are also given opportunities to hone their skills through contests and special activities such as coloring, drawing, writing, reading, bible verse recitation, declamation and more. We have scheduled library time to foster love for reading, playtime at the indoor and outdoor playground to while away stress and theraplay activities at the gym. The classrooms are set-up with different learning centers so that the children are provided with fun and interesting ways to learn by simply tinkering with the things in the centers of the classroom.

All these activities and programs are delivered and implemented by mentors who not just teach the children academic skills but also minister God’s words to them.