Junior Nursery

The Junior Nursery age is an exciting time for learning. It is a stage wherein children are full of curiosity and it is when they dare to explore things around them.

Because Preschool education is meant to make the children’s life experiences richer, we then make school their world for exploration and discovering themselves, and for building relationships with their peers, teachers, and family.

With this said, the school has set the best possible learning experiences for every learner. Different learning activities are done to develop their moral values and their intellectual, socio-emotional, and psychomotor skills. Exposure to various growth-ensuring activities like Fun Day, Music and Me, educational trips, field day, video showing, school programs, gym time and art sessions help enhance their creativity and social skills.

At the end of the school year, we delight to witness the growth of the children in many areas, and watch them at their best.