Talented Students Perform in the SSHS Centennial Student Recital

Talented Students Perform in the SSHS Centennial Student Recital

Music Recital is one common way of expressing oneself through musical performances. This gives students an opportunity to showcase their talents in singing and playing various musical instruments thus achieving one of the goals of the ideal graduates of SSHS - to be a lifelong learner. For without this, simply rehearsing can become banal and students might end up getting tired of practicing and quitting long before they reach their full potential.

In celebration of the school’s 100th founding anniversary, the school presented a special SSHS Centennial Student Recital, the 18th Student Recital, on February 21, 2017 at The Auditorium.

The program started with 3 members from the Marching Band who rendered 3 musical numbers from Walt Disney. They were under the training of Mr. Fredeline Parin. This was followed by 4 gentlemen singing vocal solos of Christian and Chinese songs and 2 vocal duets singing OPMs by 2 sets of sisters. The program continued with 4 students playing piano solos and the 4 vocal ensemble numbers before a violin solo. The program ended with 5 special numbers shared to the audience by the Stephenian Chorale. 4 of which were Christian songs, that assure us, Christians, that our Lord knows each one of us by our names, and we need not be afraid in times of trouble. At the same time, this is calling us to be faithful and to depend solely on His mighty power and sustenance. Ms. Patricia Lim was the over-all in charge person of this significant event.

Performing is actually learning. This musical presentation was not merely a collection of various musical compositions that were close to the hearts of the students. Likewise, when students prepare for a recital, they learned so many valuable lessons in life. This is one performance that students can strive and look forward to in the years to come.

Fri, 10-Mar-2017