Reassures School’s Warm Climate with SSHS’ Grand Open House

Reassures School’s Warm Climate with SSHS’ Grand Open House

A visit to a school is one of the best ways to know whether a school is a good fit for a child or not. With this in mind, SSHS once again held its Grand Open House last January 21, 2017. This is to reassure not only the parents but visitors as well the feel of the school’s warm climate.

Having embraced the K-12 curriculum coupled with the strategic innovations in the academe, SSHS’ teachers and the administration were confident to showcase some intangible but important factors like the excellent teaching and learning practices observed and enjoyed by the Stephenian learners in three departments namely: the Preschool, Elementary and Secondary. Therefore, making SSHS a safe and inspiring learning environment.

The role of SSHS teachers is always clear. They guide students to open the windows of knowledge that lead to the door of the outside world. The open house is a way of achieving this goal as it was jam-packed with various activities that were both lively and unique presented by the different departments of the school. From the Preschool: the Kindergarten Music and Reading class were presented. While the Elementary Department has divided the presentations into five (5) groups by learning disciplines: Mathematics, Science, English, and even Practical Music Courses as well as Social Studies and news reports with some interactive activities which the guests may enjoy and learn from. And lastly, the High School English Department proudly presented the English Declamation, Robotics, 3D stereoscopic printing, Fun Mathematics, and the Physics and Chemistry experiments as showcased in the exhibit among others. The Chinese Department on the other hand, had their teaching demonstration of practical and conversational Chinese for students and interested parents. Other activities are reading comprehension as well as cooking demo of simple Chinese delicacies like the lumpia, and dumplings. There were also free lessons on Chess, Volleyball, Basketball and other activities.

This series of exciting hands-on experiences are nothing more than a gleam of hope that through the participation of our dear parents, they will have a more in-depth understanding of the students’ weekdays learning effect, and most importantly, the purpose of learning. As the school provides a quality and upgrade its education, we will then be able to achieve the school vision together.

Fri, 10-Feb-2017