Reaching out - healing the body, healing the soul through SSHS Annual Free Clinic

Reaching out - healing the body, healing the soul through SSHS annual Free Clinic

The world we live is at times a place where stress, pain, fear and loneliness abound. And not all people, especially those indigenous ones, who need medical attention either for emotional or physical illnesses can afford to pay a visit to their doctor or even go to the hospital for check-ups. Even if they have the chance to visit any hospital, the mood there could relatively bring more depression than cure.

Every year, SSHS never fails to provide an avenue of comfort and hope with the annual Free Clinic, place where the setting changes into a more relaxing and enlightening one - a simple yet meaningful way of providing our hundreds of neighboring beneficiary families with care that is pure.

Last November 26, 2017, St. Stephen’s High School and the St. Stephen’s Alumni Association, together with St. Stephen’s Parish worked hand in hand in coordination with Manila Doctors Hospital and Metropolitan Hospital as they provided volunteer medical professionals on this mission. Aside from these, a group of dental and optical professionals were there to offer their free time and services for the benefits and welfare of people around; providing check-ups and temporary treatments, prescribing medicines and spiritual counseling to help alleviate the pain physically and spiritually; and giving reading eyeglasses and groceries - all for Christ’s love - a place where we feel safe and secure.

Reaching out does not only heal the body but heals the soul as well. This is a day when not only professionals are appreciated but just the same, those who have extended their services beyond their capacity and the limited resources provided to make this simple project a possibility yearly won’t get unnoticed. – and that’s for sure.

Fri, 08-Dec-2017