Our History

Students continued to be provided a healthy environment for learning, complemented by a lot of sports, arts and Christian activities for their balanced development. In 2005, a re-survey of the pre-school, elementary and high school departments was conducted by the FAAP-ASCC-AAI. As a result, the school was able to maintain its Accredited Status in all levels as were the outcome of the 2000 and 1995 re-surveys. In November 2010, St. Stephen's High School was proudly awarded a 5-year Level III Accreditation Status, the highest level accorded to an institution.

In May 2007, Mrs. Joy Dy completed her term as principal. Mrs. Judy Tan was appointed Officer-in-Charge. Dr. Tiu Uy Pei Suan, was requested by the Board of Trustees to come out of retirement to represent it in the school administration. She was named School Director.

In 2008, Mrs. Judy Tan was appointed as Principal by the Board of Trustees. Currently, she is still our School Principal. In March 2012, the Elementary Building's much awaited new elevator system was inaugurated by the Alumni Association.

In July 2012, on the occasion of the school's 95th Anniversary, ribbon-cutting ceremonies signaled the completion of major renovation projects undertaken within the year. Inaugurated were the three newly modernized Science Research, Biology and Physics laboratories; likewise, the recently renovated Central Office, Office of Student Affairs, School Clinic and Conference Room.

Now celebrating 96 fruitful stories, St. Stephen's High School story is a testament to the faithfulness of God. The school's history is also a tribute to the original founders who had the vision to provide good education and teach about God's love to students. The long lists of educators, leaders from the School Board, the Alumni and St. Stephen's Parish, as well as workers throughout the 90 years have seen to it that the founders' noble intention and worthy goals have not been forgotten. The same vision shall continue to inspire each new generation of the St. Stephen's community in the years to come.