Mission and Vision

St. Stephen's High School whose mission is to give the youth a high level of education based on Christian principles, offers preschool, elementary and secondary education programs as prescribed by the Department of Education. It is a Chinese-Filipino school enriched by the offering of Chinese Curriculum in addition to the English Curriculum.

The Stephenian education aims to develop the multiple intelligences of the students, helping them to become well-rounded, productive Christian citizens who are lifelong learners. We want to see our students to resemble Jesus as depicted in Luke 2:52 ; "And Jesus advanced in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men."

St. Stephen's High School has provided the learners many opportunities to develop their individual talents and to draw out their potentials to lead a more meaningful life. Completing the picture of an ideal graduate: God-fearing, equipped with life skills, lifelong learner, globally competent, communicates well in Chinese, English and Filipino, appreciates and supports his/her Alma Mater, future godly parent and a productive citizen of our country.

With the constant guidance and blessings of the Almighty God, the forerunners of the School, the alumni, the parents and the students have worked together making St. Stephen's High School after God's own heart. As a church related institution, St. Stephen's High School maintains the mission for which it was established by its missionary founders which is to provide quality education based on Christian principles.

Purposes and Objectives of the Institution
General Objectives:

The general objectives of the school include four aspects:

  1. Religious training for the Christian way of life;
  2. Vocational training in preparation for gainful employment;
  3. Academic training in preparation for college work for future career;
  4. Citizenship training for law-abiding and responsible training.

Specific Objectives of the High School:

  1. Understand themselves in relation to God, preserve and advance the Christian tradition of relating harmoniously and effectively with family, school and community;
  2. Develop a reasoned commitment to the goals of national development by cherishing, and developing moral and spiritual values and other aspects of the national heritage desirable in the Philippine society;
  3. Understand the wide possibilities of the arts and the sciences as permanent sources of pleasure and profit, and discover, broaden, and heighten his abilities in the appreciation for them;
  4. Acquire the basic occupational skills, knowledge and information essential for obtaining initial gainful employment and for making intelligent choice of occupation or career;
  5. Acquire further skills in thinking, speaking, and writing, and develop the ability to react intelligently and creatively to mass media and other life situations;
  6. Obtain experience and form desirable attitudes for understanding himself, his own people, and other races, places and times through opportunities for living vicariously with a wide variety of people, thereby promoting a keen sense of self and family and of national and international communities;
  7. Demonstrate understanding, acquisition, and application for the basic concepts and methodologies of the different branches of human knowledge in order to promote his physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being.